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‘Natural’ Hand Wash 250ml

Blended with natural coconut derived cleansers and premium quality Essential Oils; designed to cleanse, nurture and soothe with a moisture rich restorative formula.

‘Natural’ Room Spray 250ml
Revitalize and refresh any space with this room spray. Stress relieving Cedar wood is blended with deliciously scented citrus oils, especially chosen for their mood enhancing properties.

‘Natural’ Hand & Body Lotion 250ml
A natural moisture lotion for hand and body with a nutrient rich formula. The lotion is hand blended with natural coconut jojoba and almond oils for their intensely moisturizing and protective qualities.

‘Natural’ Soap - Currently out of stock
Blended with natural coconut derived cleansers and premium quality Essential Oils especially selected for their light energizing scent. In two sizes, standard or individual ‘guest’ size. Standard or ‘guest’ size pack of 4.

Bath Salts and Body Scrub - Currently out of stock
Sea salt is rich in essential minerals including Magnesium, Sodium, Calcium and Potassium. A scented formulation blended with stress relieving Cedar wood and citrus oils.

Gift Basket
A selection of the products in a gift basket. Set of 3 bottles £34.00 and full set of 5 with soap and bath salts.