"We moved to France 3 years ago and had been unable to decide what to do with our drawing room. So from a few photographs and some rough measurements, Caroline transformed the room from something resembling a furniture auction house into a lovely family drawing room. Caroline's ideas, designs, efficiency and above all, patience, know no end. She has a great ability to listen to what you want and feel and then translate it all into fabrics, colours and shapes that you love. Without her we'd never have got anywhere! "
Family House in France

"When we bought our house in Norfolk we knew that the renovation was going to be very challenging, in particular we found it difficult to have a vision as to what the end product would look like.  Caroline helped us to have confidence in choices we made and gave us great alternatives if she thought something we wanted wasn't going to work.  She advised us on everything, beginning with the empty shell of a completely stripped out house to the final soft furnishings and every point in between.

She helped us to source tradesmen and suppliers - nearly always local businesses - and was extremely patient with the length of time it took us to make up our minds when we had to make decisions!  At times she would make a suggestion which we weren't to keen on, but more often than not after we had done our own research, we would realise that what she had suggested was the right thing.  And she never once said "I told you so"!

Caroline is extremely efficient, always has the answers at her fingertips and always at the end of the phone. To say we couldn't have done it without her is an understatement; she helped us to make our rather blurry vision of what we wanted our home to be a beautiful clear reality.
She really knows her stuff!"
House in Norfolk